About my experience is the start-up myself and 4 other students started. It was part of the InQubate program, which is a program that helps selected students start their owm AI-based startups.

Guroom is a notification management tool, and acts like a virtual secretary. Most workers in high tech receive a very large amount of notifications, with the average worker receiving over 120 notifications. This number can be way higher for workers in management and secretary positions. Those notifications also come from many different sources (email, slack, zoom) and have varying importance levels. Guroom would put all notifications into one platform, and using machine learning it would determine the importance of these notifications and would classify them accordingly. It would act exactly like a secretary would, filtering through your messages, hiding spam and allowing only important messages to pop up. It would also sort the notifications by importance and giving the user full control over their notifications.

I was assigned the Team Lead rule along with the Tech lead. I oversaw the whole project as team lead, and built the backend and API calls as tech lead. My team and I also presented in the CUCAI 2021 conference.

Unfortunately after the conference my team and I decided that it's best to not pursue this idea anymore and the start-up dissolved. However, the amount of experience and skills I learned from this 8 month journey is insane, especially in software development, project management and leadership.