A network graphing application

About Lab-Manager

LabManager was the main project I was assigned to during my internship at Northforge Innovations. Its purpose is to ease on port managment, organization and registration. It graphs all the devices and their ports that are connected to the network, enabling the user to visually see all the devices. It also has a booking feature, which allows the user to book the required ports during a specific time, which doesn't allow for over-booking of ports.

This project was tackled by two developers, including myself. As this project's development duration was longer than my internship period, unfortunately I did not get to watch the finished product be used. My main focus on this project was the graph itself, along with improving the program's overal UI.

Technologies Used

While building the project, I was using a couple of different libraries, frameworks, APIs, and UI designs. The five that stood out were React.js, Spring Boot, REST API, D3.js, and BootStrap. The graph itself was a D3 graph implemented in React, while the information being passed to it was passed using REST.


The source code and finished product are not available, so hopfully the images below will help fulfil your curiosity.