About Me

My name is Danel Polyakov and I am a Queen's University student, currently pursuing an undergrad in Computer Science with a focus in Security. I've completed internships and projects in many different fields such as front-end using React, full-stack with spring-boot, back-end with AWS, microservice deployment with serverless, python automation, and project management.

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Work Experience

I've completed an internship Trend Micro, where I worked on back-end to Trend's Deep Security product. I've also completed an internship with Northforge Innovations where I did front-end development using React.js. In addition I also attempted to start my own startup, Guroom.ai, where I was appointed team and tech lead.

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My hobbies

Aside from coding, I am also passionate about a couple other things. I am a rock climber, I went from competitive rock climbing, to coaching competitive rock climbing, and I even judged at some rock climbing competitions. I also love astronomy and exploring the night sky, along with photography. I often combine my passion of astronomy and photography to create images of the night sky.

My Projects

Here is a collection of some of my projects

Northforge Lab-Manager

A network graphing application built using Spring-Boot, REST API and React.js during my Northforge internship

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Connect IQ apps

I have created a few Connect IQ applications for Garmin wearables using MonkeyC

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Wikipedia QuickSearch

An in-page wikipedia search extension. works on chrome, firefox, and edge

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A website for displaying projects and past work experiences


A simple project about reinforcement learning

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